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Gibraltar One Day Trip

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Its privileged strategic location, border between two continents (Europe and Africa) and two seas (Atlantic and Mediterranean), Gibraltar has been since the antiquity a very disputed territory, even though its small area of 7km2. The Rock is from 1713 property of the United Kingdom, since its sovereignty was transferred to the Kingdom of Great Britain by the Treaty of Utrecht, after the war of Spanish Succession. Because of that, the official language is the English, although practically all its inhabitants also speak Spanish with a strong Andalusian accent.

Gibraltar is a small peninsula of 5km long by 1,2km wide and it is linked to “la Línea de la Concepción”, a city from Cadiz, by a sandy isthmus of about 2km length.

The excursion

This experience consists in 4 stops with a length of 1hour and 30 minutes. One of the attractions of this tour are the Hercules Pillar. Here you could enjoy the views of North of Africa and Morocco. You will see the union between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, located in the southern coast of Europe.

From here, we will address to San Miguel Cave. This amazing natural phenomenon is created by rainwater that slowly seeps through the limestone.

Then we will reach to the top of the Rock where you could admire the impressive views from the whole Gibraltar. Here we could interact with the famous monkeys that are living in a wild state in the reserve. This spice is called Barbary macaque and this is the only place where you can find them in the European continent.

Today there are living more than 200 monkeys in this natural area. It is said that in 1942 the monkey population was reduced to just 7 monkeys and that the Prime Minister of Great Britain (Sir Winston Churchill) ordered to restore immediately the population of the monkeys because there must be monkeys in the Rock of Gibraltar as far as it is British domain.

From the top of the Rock we will get to the north part of the Rock to visit the Tunnels of the Great Siege. These tunnels were dug into the rock by hand during the Great Siege that took place between 1779 and 1783. The tunnels were made in order to defend Gibraltar from the Spanish and French forces that were trying to recover the Rock from the British.

The price includes

A bus tour for Gibraltar

Panoramic view of Africa’s Mountains from Europe Point, at the top of Gibraltar Rock

A tour through St Michael's Caves

Time for Shopping at Royal Street

Ask for children discount

You can also…

Request more specialized tours (Military tour for the tunnels or Visit to Moorish Castle)

Book a lunch at a specialized restaurant in the area.

Minimum people for this excursion: 2pax